The Company

The Orim Metalli is organized with more than 30 years of experience in the goldsmithing sectors, writing articles , fashion accessories and silverware . It is aimed at a B2B market, privileged interlocutors are producers who need high precision semi-finished components, in silver and other materials.

Production areas

Componenti necessari al montaggio di una penna completa

  • All
  • Drawing
  • Jewelry
  • Medical and Industry
  • Writing

Drawn tubes with very high and full thicknesses

Drawn tubes with different profiles

Silver and bronze rings that can also be assembled with or without a thread

Silver magnetic closure components

Orthopedic screws with customized instrument kit

Cannulated orthopedic screws

Cutters, also semi-finished, and accessories

Components and instruments for the dental sector

M.U.A with excellent finish and precision

Straight and angled abutments with internal, external, customized, Ucla, castable connections, and for digital scans

Silver shafts and caps

Acrylic shafts and caps

All necessary components to assemble a complete pen

Internal components in materials

Internal components in steel and aluminum

Silver components

Acrylic components Fuacrylic shafts and capssti and silver caps

Internal components made of steel, brass, aluminum and bronze

Our Machines

Orim has: - Tsugami and Gildemeister cnc machines updated according to the latest technologies - technical office with customer support design - calibrated and certified control tools including MTL X5 and Quick Vision Active


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Orim Metalli

Orim Metalli is a leader in the production of semi-finished products in silver and in the machining of precision micro-mechanics of highly technical materials, such as special steels and titanium alloys.

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