Orim Metalli is a leading company specialized in the production of silver semifinished products and in the processing of precision micromechanical materials, like special steels and titanium alloys.

The over thirty years old experience in the melting of unsoldered pipes as well as silver bars and the subsequent processing for the shavings removal, the turning and the milling, has turned the company into the reference point for all customers requiring high quality silver products: high quality alloys, high quality external finishing and technical specifications, quality solutions for complex products.

Of all the four sectors the company deals with, Orim Metalli has a thorough knowledge and awareness of the common issues and the resulting expectations; thus, it is in a position to anticipate and to suggest the clients supported solutions during the planning as well as during the pre-production phases. At Orim Metalli we have a technical division, furnished with cad-cam cutting edge planning instruments along with effective and precise checking instruments, so to meet our customers specific requirements.


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