Turned and milled components, straight and wound tubes for the production of bracelets with high surface quality, the mechanical precision of measurements and tolerances, the productive capacity to cope with fast requests for large quantities. Orim Metalli also distinguishes itself for the possibility offered of making silver alloys with customized titles.


Starting from the internal casting in continuous casting and subsequent drawing a

cold, silver and bronze bars and tubes are produced internally
they are machined at a later time.

No standard and standard items are offered, only components on
specific customer request, provided in the strictest confidence and managed, if
necessary, with shared warehouse and scheduled partial deliveries.

The experience and know-how acquired and matured over the years make it possible to
understand customer needs well.
All the most commonly used steels in the sector are also processed, titanium alloys, lead-free brass, aluminum and plastic materials such as
pmma and pom-c.


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