Orim Metalli has more than 30 years of experience in the field of melting and processing the metals. Our attention is constantly focused on the accuracy of pieces and surface quality, a guarantee for the customer of a faster finish with no waste.

Orim Metalli produces all the details needed for  the writing items exclusively on specific customer request and has no standard. Thanks to a technical office with specific skills for these products, it can also look after the customer in the design phase.

In addition to processing all the most common materials used in the field (special steels, lead-free brass, bronze, aluminum, pom-c) Orim Metalli is specialized in the processing of plastics (pmma), titanium alloys and silver.

In particular, for silver it can boast a closed production cycle that allows total control of product quality. Starting from the internal melting, silver tubes and bars are produced, then they are cold-drawn and wrought to produce the small pieces.

In addition to turned and milled components, silver tubes are supplied by the meter up to 0.25 mm thick in many forms and sizes for making shafts and caps.

To guarantee the reliability of the products there is a constant supervision, both in production and at the end of the batch, carried out by effective methods and certified instruments. Using our pieces/components the customer can count on a problem-free and no-waste assembly.



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